Projects turnkey sites, established from 2004 – 2016

In my portfolio of websites for companies and brands – customers in different countries. You can order the creation of website design, mobile applications, turnkey website. I can offer you the best solutions to date.



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My studio –  the best solution for your  business.

My studio creates – design of the websites, the turnkey websites of any complexity on the known CMS – Joomla, Bitrix, Openkart, Prestashop, WordPress, Modx.

Order from us and you receive the best offer on the price and quality. Our experts will be able to realize your most daring idea.

We can also create your company logo, style design, printing, packaging design. If you want to order a turnkey website design or website – write to us and we will contact.

It is important to

In our studio only professional programmers, designers and project managers. The quality and timing preoritety in the creation of your project. By entrusting us with your project, you will become a regular customer.

The scheme of work with our studio:

1 – Preparation of technical specifications.
2 – Definition of terms and the project budget.
3 – Determination of the optimal solution and agreement with the client.
4 – Advance payment of 25% of the project the client side.
5 – Implementation – Design site \ HTML \ installation on CMS.
6 – Testing the client site and making edits to the site.
7 – Approval of a site and transferred to the hosting client.
8 – Payment 75% of the remainder.

I am able to offer the most optimal variant of the decision for your projects. I create always 5 options of design for logos. And 2 options of design of the homepage of the website. Having ordered from me you with guarantee receive qualitative design taking into account your wishes.[:en]